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How compliant is the average travel invoice for corporate travel? Surprisingly, not as compliant as you would think. Think about this scenario for a moment… Beth is a busy receptionist who needs to not only book employee trips, but also manage invoices and admin for all 1000 employees within the company. If even a few of those invoices do not have the information required for Beth to be able to submit a claim on travel expenses, she will end up spending even more time at work.

Business travel compliance can be confusing – for employees as well as the managers arranging employee travel. Compliance plays a vital role, whether you are travelling locally or sending your team abroad, ensuring that companies are able to save money, time and resources through policies that govern the way that employees travel.

Invoicing is one of the most important aspects of compliance. In order for companies to claim back VAT and other tax, every travel invoice needs to be fully in line with local and international standards. The trouble with consumer travel booking sites is that they are not able to provide such invoices. Moreover, Travel agents neither have the incentive or know how to ensure their clients have compliant invoices. That means that managers and those responsible for employee travel need to waste their time calling suppliers to obtain such information. Even when invoices are correct, employees need to be reminded to submit their invoices. All in all, it is a frustrating, time-consuming task that can make compliance a headache.

Why Compliant Travel Invoices Are Essential for Corporate Travel

Failure to submit fully compliant invoices can have devastating effects on any business. In order for every single travel invoice to be compliant, it is best to consider a corporate travel booking service that enables you to manage invoices efficiently. Some of the reasons to always choose a travel platform that guarantees compliant invoices for your employee business trips include the following:

  • Compliant invoices are tax ready. Compliant invoices can be submitted to tax authorities in order to claim domestic and in some cases international VAT. Certain information needs to be added to invoices in order for them to meet the often stringent requirements of various local and international laws.
  • Compliant invoices rule out the risk of fraud. Compliant invoices that are received through a secure travel booking site will also make it harder for employees to try and claim services that were not enjoyed, while also making it harder for any abuse of resources. As employee travel is booked through a single site, it also means that there is a smaller chance of travel expense abuse.
  • Compliant invoices save time and resources. Compliant invoices help to save a great deal of time and effort, without the need for excessive paperwork, or follow ups with employees and service providers. When employee travel is managed correctly, it also means less stress for managers and admin teams in charge of company travel.

Voyya is the best travel platform to ensure that your invoices are compliant. This platform enables employees, managers and even senior leaders to ensure that invoices are compliance, in one place and easily managed in a way that saves time, money and admin resources. This is far more effective than booking your team’s business trips through traditional consumer platforms. There are many, many other benefits to be enjoyed through Voyya as well, ranging from VAT back to a centralised dashboard, great savings and more. Best of all, using Voyya is 100% free!

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